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Everyone starts as a Pro Member. Pro members have access to their back office, and can start using our advertising products which are Text and Banner Ads.
As a pro member you are eligable to receive $10 commission from all your referrals AFTER your second referal who upgrade to a pro member as well.
The first two (2) Sales are called your Qualifying Sales and you are not paid on those. You are paid from the 3rd Sale to infinity.

Every new member who signs up using your referral link has to pass up their first two (2) sales to YOU! Every passed up referral you receive will also have to pass up their first two (2) referral to you AGAIN!. This means 1 referral can multiply to 100s or even 1000s of referrals without you doing much. It is called the POWER of LEVERAGE. Every new referral you sign up or receive is the start of a new powerline and can grow to very quickly to INFINITY!

You only need 3 referral to qualify for commissions. The commission for signing up your first two (2) referral goes to your sponsor. Your third referral is the start of your first Powerline. You get $10 USD. Every referral that is passed up to you will pass up their first two (2) referral to you too. This means every Powerline you start continues to grow UNLIMITED TO INFINITY!
The $10 payments you will receive from all your referrals (personal and passed up) and this is just the start because it multiplies with time.



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The FULL system, including my own back-office tracking system...

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Excellent support system, including customer service!

I'll get it all immediately with my $13 dollar MONTHLY payment, and I'll keep getting access to my site, tools, training and product updates for LIFE!

Pay2up is a division of EGM International
Contact us only for admin and technical issues. For all other inquiries, contact your sponsor.

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